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Perhaps one of the most difficult matters we all have to face is the writing of a valid Last Will and Testament. Our Wills & Estates lawyers have been assisting fellow residents of Pictou County with this difficult but necessary task for generations. We are good listeners and will guide you through this sometimes painful yet worthwhile process. Every client’s situation is different and to do this in a way that carries out your wishes while adhering to laws in this regard requires us to spend some time together. It is time well spent. After all, you want things resolved and, as this is an area of law that can be complex, you will want to be assured that you are in good hands.


We will carefully discuss your overall estate plan with you and recommend ways to achieve it which may involve a Last Will, Financial Power of Attorney (in the event you become disabled and need someone to act for you in financial matters) and perhaps a Health Care Directive ( ie a living will) which will clearly set out your wishes and guidance for your family and health care providers. You may be a candidate for a family trust or other estate planning tool. We will also talk about the tax ramifications of your plan. We will talk about the tax ramifications of your plan and if a complex taxation issue arises we will be pleased to refer you to, bring in, and work hand in hand with an accountant or tax specialist as part of the estate planning team.


Completing a well thought out and designed Estate Plan will leave you with a sense of completion and it is our job to get you there.