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Buying your home may be the largest and most important investment you ever make. After all, this is where you and your family will live for the foreseeable future.


Our Real Estate lawyers have grown up here and know the area and the fine people of Pictou County. We will assist you all the way from the signing of your agreement of purchase to the closing and possession date.


Over the past 35 years we have guided home buyers through the process on thousands of transactions in Pictou County and North Eastern Nova Scotia .We have been blessed with the assistance of long term, knowledgeable staff who have been well trained and possess a wealth of experience on title history and the legislative and regulatory processes involved in real estate transactions.


With the advent of the Land Registry System in Nova Scotia, at some point all property owners in the province will be required to transfer their property to a computerized registry system (sometimes referred to as migrating). If you sell or re-mortgage your property you are required to migrate the title as part of that process now. This process requires knowledge of all aspects of property from survey to subdivision and we have the depth of knowledge and experience to guide you through and get you there.


Our Real Estate lawyers will also be right there with you if you sell, re-finance, lease subdivide, or if you require assistance in resolving contentious matters over boundaries, tenancy issues, environmental matters and generally all aspects of real estate law.


Call us; we’ll be in your corner.