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Has your fire Loss claim been denied or is the insurance company offering what you consider too little?Are you disabled and your private disability insurer has denied or cut-off the benefits you paid for?


Have you paid Canada Pension Plan premiums during your working life and now that you are disabled and need it your claim has been denied on the basis that you should be able to work at something?


Did you have an unfortunate slip & fall in the Dominican and are you unable to collect on the travel insurance policy that you paid for when you left on your vacation and you had to pay for the medical services personally?


Our litigation team has successfully argued in all levels of Courts in Nova Scotia over the past 35 years and has been involved in a matter heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.


We have fought fire loss claims, disability claims, numerous motor vehicle insurance claims, and have contested and succeeded in many applications for CPP disability benefits for disabled clients at the government department level, first level Appeal Tribunal and at the Canada Pension Appeals Board. We know the pitfalls and the minefields. We know what you have to establish to win your case.


You may feel that that you can’t take on the big insurance company or the Government. Call us. We will.