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At GoodmanMacDonald all of our Lawyers act in Personal Injury matters. We understand that being injured is always a difficult experience – physically, emotionally and financially.


By working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can protect both you and your family by ensuring that you have the funds to compensate you for your injury and ensuring that you can move forward in your life. So whether your injury results from any of the following, we can assist you:


· A car accident A fall

· A defective product or service

· Medical treatment

· An assault by someone

· Any other reason

In Nova Scotia, there is a Cap on damages that can be received for minor injuries suffered in automobile accidents. The limit for these injuries is $7,500 and what qualifies as a minor injury is important to understand.  Your lawyer can advise you on this.


If you have been injured, whether n an automobile accident, slip and fall or otherwise, you should seek a Lawyer’s advice immediately on your rights and how to proceed in your matter.  GoodmanMacDonald Law can help you get everything you deserve.


Call us; we’ll be in your corner.